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Postgraduate and third-year funding available!

Date Released: Tue, 15 December 2015 16:17 +0200

Rhodes linguist Ian Siebörger will receive an NRF Thuthuka Grant for 2016 to 2018 to assist with his PhD research on how evaluative language is used to position political parties in the Daily Sun and Business Day newspapers.  This grant includes money for one Master's bursary and two student assistantships for Honours or third-year students who will help with his project.

The Master's bursary is worth R40 000 per year for two years.  It is for a student who:

  • Is interested in discourse analysis, particularly the study of evaluative / emotive language, OR is interested in studies on the structuring and production of knowledge.
  • Is prepared to help to develop and test tools for describing the density of evaluative language in a text.
  • Is prepared to learn Legitimation Code Theory, a sociological theory describing how knowledge is produced and recontextualized.
  • Is prepared to develop knowledge of Systemic Functional Linguistics, a linguistic theory describing how meanings are made using language.

For the Master's bursary, preference will go to candidates who:

  • Have a background in Systemic Functional Linguistics and/or Legitimation Code Theory.

The student assistantships are for prospective Honours or third-year students who:

  • Show potential for postgraduate study and research
  • Have and maintain acceptable marks
  • Are prepared to assist with data collection for the project in addition to their normal studies
  • Are South African citizens (This is the NRF's requirement)

For the student assistantships, preference will go to candidates who:

  • Are well-organized and reliable
  • Are interested in Appraisal or Systemic Functional Linguistics more broadly

For more information about either of these funding opportunities, email Ian Siebörger at ian.sieborger@ru.ac.za

Source:Ian Siebörger