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Two winners for 2016 Vivian de Klerk Prize

Date Released: Wed, 19 October 2016 15:41 +0200

Emmalene Barron-Le Roux and Adam Randera were presented with the Vivian de Klerk Prize in class on Tuesday 20 September 2016.  This prize goes each year to the student with the highest marks for English Language and Linguistics 2 who carries on to do English Language and Linguistics 3 at Rhodes University.  This year, the prize was shared.

Vivian de Klerk came to the class to give the prize in person.  She was the head of the Department of English Language and Linguistics at Rhodes University from 1990 to 2006, before becoming Dean of Students and eventually retiring.  Dr De Klerk delights in coming to give the prize each year, and gave a short motivational speech to the English Language and Linguistics 3 class as they headed towards the deadline for their year-long research reports and their final exams.  This year, she wore purple to the event in support of Rhodes University as #FeesMustFall protests were beginning.  She said she hoped that a solution to the national university fees crisis would be found soon.

Dr De Klerk asked Ms Barron-Le Roux and Mr Randera each to give a short ‘acceptance speech’, and invited them both to set up a time to have coffee with her so that she could learn more about them.  They thanked the English Language and Linguistics 3 class which has studied with them and helped them to succeed.  We have every reason to be proud of our latest crop of emerging linguists.

Source:Ian Siebörger