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Nomava Mercy Tunzelana

MA student‌ 

BA (Hons) (UFH), MA (Stellenbosch)Nomava Mercy Tunzelana
Email: mercythots70@gmail.com

Research interests:

  • Sign Language Linguistics
  • African Language Linguistics e.g. syntax, semantics, phonology, morphology & phonetics, historical linguistics.
  • Literacy for Primary Schools
  • Linguistics in education

MA thesis title:

An ethnographic investigation of basic word order in South African Sign Language teaching at Grade 10 level in a South African school for the Deaf

Supervisor: Ralph Adendorff
Co-supervisor: Ian Siebörger

This study is located within the broad field of educational linguistics. Its focus is on Deaf education and it intends to contribute to knowledge on the role of basic word order in South African Sign Language teaching within the context of the implementation of the Bilingual-Bicultural approach to the teaching of the Deaf since its introduction by the Department of Basic Education in 2015. This study also touches on the negative impact of education policies for Deaf education during the apartheid era.

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