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Tracy Probert



Tracy Probert

MA (Rhodes)

Email: t.probert@ru.ac.za


Research interests:

My research interest lies specifically with the linguistics and psycholinguistics of literacy in African languages. Beyond Linguistics I have lectured the Language and Literacy Module (year 1-3) for the Rhodes University Centre of Social Development. I am also involved in partnership with the Grahamstown Lebone Centre in collaborating and delivering classroom library workshops to the Grahamstown Schools. 

Courses taught:


  • Linguistics 1: Language and Meaning
  • Linguistics 1: Syntax
  • Linguistics 1: Language and Childhood Education
  • Linguistics 2&3: Psycholinguistics: Second Language Acquisition, Language Pathology and Literacy
  • Postgraduate: The Psycholinguistics of Literacy in South Africa 




  • 2016: Probert, T. & De Vos, M. Word recognition strategies amongst isiXhosa/ English bilingual learners: The interaction of orthography and language of learning and teaching. Reading & Writing Journal of Reading Association of South Africa, 7(1), a84. http://dx.doi. org/10.4102/rw.v7i1.84
  • 2016: Bennett, W., Diemer, M., Kerford, J., Probert, T. and Wesi, T. Setswana (South African). Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 46 (2), pp. 235-246. http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0025100316000050


Conference Presentations:

  • 2016: A comparative study of syllables and morphemes as literacy processing units in word recognition: isiXhosa and Setswana. 2016 LSSA/SAALA/SAALT Joint Annual Linguistic Conference at University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, June 2016.
  • 2015: Syllables and morphemes as literacy processing units in word-recognition: isiXhosa and Setswana. 2015 LSSA/SAALA/SAALT Joint Annual Linguistic Conference at North West University, Potchefstroom, June 2015.
  • 2014: Transfer of word recognition strategies from a transparent to an opaque orthography. 2014 LSSA/SAALA/SAALT Joint Annual Linguistic Conference at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, June 2014.
  • 2014: The effects of orthography and language of literacy: transfer of word recognition strategies amongst isiXhosa/English Bilinguals. Reading Association of South Africa 9th Annual Conference 2014 at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, September 2014.


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