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Corpus of South African English @ Rhodes

Corpus of South African English @ Rhodes (CSAE@R) is a novel multidisciplinary project to construct a corpus of South African English at Rhodes University, involving collaboration between staff from two departments (English Language and Linguistics, Computer Science) and an institute (Dictionary Unit for South African English) at Rhodes.  It will put Rhodes at the forefront of corpus collection and construction worldwide.  Software will be developed to facilitate the collection and processing of data for linguistic, lexicographic, educational and cognate research and used to build a comprehensive and dynamic monitor corpus, comprising texts from all genres and time periods, being constantly added to from contemporary sources, while also sourcing archival material.  The project and the software developed for it can serve as a model for the construction of corpora for other South African languages, locally and nationally, enhancing research in those languages. 

An outline of the project is available here: CSAE@R Pamphlet for Media

For further information please contact the principal researchers:

Dr Sally Hunt

Richard Bowker

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