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Rhodes > English Language and Linguistics > Research > Past Research Projects > Afrikaans Variation Project

Project Leader: Mark de Vos (2008-2010)


"Soos die mense praat, so is Afrikaans"

(Donaldson 1991: 124)



This project documented Afrikaans dialects and varieties over a period of three years. We travelled to diverse communities in the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape regions and recorded people speaking Afrikaans and to administer a questionnaire.  

The project focussed on building networks in Afrikaans communities, often in rural and marginalised areas, with special emphasis on non-standard varieties. These communities are most at risk from underdevelopment and are affected by urbanization and land-related issues amongst others.

The project was conducted in collaboration with our research partners at the Meertens Insitutute, Stellenbosch University.

 Data was placed in an MSAccess database. Below is an image of a sample data report printed by the database. Click on the picture to get an enlarged version.

If you would like to access the data for bona-fide research purposes, then please contact Prof. De Vos to arrange a courier to deliver a data disk to you.

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