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Xhosa English Corpus

Xhosa English Corpus

Xhosa English

Unfortunately, the Rhodes Website restricts certain file types and so there is no direct download link.  But we will be happy to send it to you as email attachment.  For further information, contact Dr Vivian De Klerk (v.deklerk at ru.ac.za).

This project resulted in the following publications:

  • 2006: de Klerk, V. A. Corpus Linguistics and World Englishes: An Analysis of Xhosa English. Continuum Press: London.
  • 2002: de Klerk, V. 'Starting with Xhosa English ... towards a spoken corpus.' International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. 7(1), 21-42.
  • 2004: de Klerk, V. The use of actually in spoken Xhosa English: a corpus study. World Englishes. 24(3) 275-288.
  • 2005: de Klerk, V. Procedural meanings of well in a Xhosa English corpus. Journal of Pragmatics 37(8): 1183-1205
  • 2005: de Klerk, V. Expressing levels of intensity in Xhosa English. English World Wide. 26(1): 77-96.
  • 2002: de Klerk, V. Towards a corpus of Black South African English Southern African Journal of Linguistics & Applied Language Studies. 20(1):25-35.

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