Organisational Sustainability

Rhodes University strives to play a leading role in promoting and implementing measures that support a safe, healthy and sustainable environment. The environmental responsibilities outlined in RU's vision and mission statement together with the Institutional Development Plan, drive this commitment.

This includes:

  1. Upholding the university’s environmental responsibilities in its vision and mission statement, “to play a leading role in establishing a culture of environmental concern by actively pursuing a policy of environmental best practice”.

  2. Upholding the university’s responsibilities as a signatory of the Talloires Declaration.

  3. Promoting an environment which is healthy, safe and conducive to excellent scholarship and provides good working conditions.

  4. Integrating development with good municipal planning processes, wherever possible.

  5. Including environmental scoping in development plans and adopt sustainable building best practice, wherever possible.

  6. Supporting integrated planning on a university-wide basis in order to harmonise the natural and the built environment, and create spaces that are ecologically and socially acceptable to all.


Organisational Sustainability Ideas

  • Seven guiding principles for sustainability leaders: (i) Vision beyond conventional wisdom. (ii) Take charge courageously. (iii) Serve the organisation, not your ego. (iv) Discover your potential. (v) Know yourself, control yourself. (vi) Build relationships, don't just rely on the top team. (vii) Tell the story, develop a value proposition. 


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