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Dr Joana Bezera

Contact Details:

Phone: +27-046-603-7008 
E-mail: J.CarlosBezerra@ru.ac.za or JCBezerra@hotmail.com

Research interests: international environmental politics, international-national-local policy interactions in developing countries, land tenure. 

Current research: Biodiversity is a global common; therefore its conservation is a key issue for all. The establishment of protected areas has been one of the strategies adopted to reach this goal. Historically, these areas were property of national governments. However, there is an international tendency to decentralise the management of these areas, opening up space for a more participative approach with the inclusion of different actors. One of the mechanisms for this in South Africa is land restitution claims. These claims are leading to restitution of land inside protected areas, which then start to follow a co-management approach. The aim of my research project is to analyse how South Africa is dealing with the co-management of its protected areas. South Africa is often heralded as a best-case example of the possibility of addressing past injustice and human displacement by marrying biodiversity conservation and pro-poor approaches through co-management of its protected areas. Therefore the country holds the potential to offer lessons to other countries grappling with international pressures for biodiversity conservation simultaneously with national development priorities.

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