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Final Jazz Masters’ Recital

Date Released: Mon, 14 March 2011 13:59 +0200

Rhodes University Department of Music and Musicology will host the final masters' recital for two jazz students on Thursday, 17 March 2011.

Kingsley Buitendag (piano) and Steve Ellis (drums) performed the first of their two recitals in November last year to a very enthusiastic audience and panel of examiners. The first recital explored the nature of the jazz trio with its sparse orchestration and dialogue of equal musical voices.

In contrast, the second recital will be more experimental and modern in nature, featuring original songs by Rick van Heerden, Marc Duby and Kingsley Buitendag, as well as Thelonious Monk and Radiohead.

The performance features two of the composers, Marc Duby (bass) and Rick van Heerden (saxophone). The performance is not to be missed.