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Launch of Social Inclusion Project

Date Released: Thu, 24 March 2011 12:08 +0200

The Centre for Higher Education Research Teaching and Learning (CHERTL) launched its Social Inclusion project last week. The project, funded through a R1 million grant from the National Research Foundation (NRF), investigates ways in which disciplinary structures and their associated practices serve to include or exclude students in higher education in South Africa.

This project brings together a team of eleven PhD scholars and researchers from seven universities.

The project arises from a concern about the limited extent to which physical access to university is combined with access to ‘the goods’ of the university. This includes the knowledge constructed within the university and the social context of the university.

Low retention rates and demographically skewed success rates indicate that for some a University is not the place of empowerment they would want it to be.

The promise of higher education often remains unrealised and instead universities frequently continue to be a powerful mechanism of social exclusion and injustice, through their own internal thinking, structures, cultures and practices and through their external relations with wider society.