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ICT for Development

Recently, the Centre has started a large, long-term multidisciplinary effort focused on the introduction of ICT in a deep rural area in the Mbashe area, on the Wild Coast  in Transkei, in collaboration with the University of Fort Hare. There, technological solutions developed by both Universities are tested in the field, in rather harsh conditions.  This research effort, connected closely to the other research pursuits in the department, situates itself in the growing area of ICT for Development. The field work is being structured as a living lab (Siyakhula Living Lab), a vehicle which permits the use of a new research methodology, whereby the services needed by a community are co-created with the community. The Siyakhula Living Lab is expected to expand into the township of Grahamstown during 2012. An important spin-off of this activity was the starting, in 2010, of a project, ESTIMA, for the construction of a software factory, Reed House Systems (http://www.reedhousesystems.co.za/), hosted for its first two years of existence by Rhodes University and funded by SAFIPA.

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