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Southern Ocean Group

The Southern Ocean Group is an extremely active and productive research group based at the Department of Zoology and Entomology. The group is involved in a five-year program on biological oceanography at the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands in collaboration with a physical oceanographic research group at the University of Cape Town. The main thrust examines links between planktonic food production/availability and land-based predators (mostly seals and penguins) on the islands. This provides information on variability in the ecosystem to managers of the islands. A second thrust investigates the biology of krill in Antarctic waters. The group has strong collaborative links with Scandinavian and other European research groups.

Ongoing projects

  • Biogeography of the Southern Ocean
  • Control of phytoplankton production
  • Mesozooplankton distribution and grazing
  • Macrozooplankton grazing and carnivory
  • Identifying the trophic position of zooplankton using isotope analysis
  • Interactions between the island ecosystem and frontal systems
  • Population genetics of Antarctic krill
  • Eco-physiology of marine invertebrates

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