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Funeral Loans

Funeral loans will be granted to staff to assist with burial costs of a close relative e.g. parents, siblings (biological) and own children, subject to certain criteria. Forms can be collected from Neil Smuts.


  • Availability:All permanent staff employed for longer than one year
  • Net take home pay:Minimum R1,000 per month after deduction of instalment
  • Loan amount:Shall not exceed R 2000.
  • Maximum loan period:Six months
  • Interest rate:Prime plus, fixed instalment
  • Criteria:The deceased must be a close relative of the applicant. An affidavit required stating the relationship between the applicant and the deceased must be attached to the application form.The original death certificate must be produced to the loan official. (A certified copy is acceptable.)
  • General:Funeral loans not subject to garnishees.
  • Only one loan per death certificate.
  • Only one funeral loan at a time.

Last Modified: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 14:58:15 SAST