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MSc degrees offered

MSc Exploration Geology

Each year candidates for the MSc in Exploration Geology complete one 4 week module of coursework focussed on ore deposits and mineralisation processes with an associated 2 week field exercise, and one 4 week coursework module devoted to exploration techniques and methods of deposit evaluation and development.  In addition to successful completion of the 4 coursework modules, candidates need to complete a small thesis to complete the degree.  Coursework modules are presented by experts in the field with in-house expertise supplemented by experts from industry and academia.

Entry requirements for the MSc (Expl. Geol.) are a BSc (Hons) in geology, or equivalent standard 4 year geology degree, along with a minimum of two years (4 years preferred) of post-graduation work experience.


MSc Economic Geology

The Programme also offers the more research-oriented MSc (Econ. Geol.) which can be entirely thesis-based or include coursework modules appropriate to the research topic (maximum of 2) from the MSc Exp. Geol. Programme on either a full-time or part-time basis.  Entrance requirements are an upper second class Honours level degree – there is no work experience requirement.


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