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The Principal and Vice-Chancellor Chairperson

The Deputy VC: Academic and Student Affairs

The Deputy VC: Research and Development

The Registrar

The Deans of the Faculties, 2015

Humanities TW Martin

Science AJ Booth

Law R Krüger

Education PD Wilmot

Commerce DA Sewry

Pharmacy G Wells

Dean of Teaching and Learning CM Boughey


1991   CD McQuaid

1992   GE Gordon

1996   DA Sewry

1996   EP Wentworth

1997   H Nel

1998   EM Stack

2001   T Nyokong

2001   JL Jonas

2002   RC Fox

2002   AN Hodgson

2002   SE Radloff

2002   RD Adendorff

2003   AP Faure

2003   DA Hughes

2004   AJFK Craig

2005   GJ Euvrard

2006   M Goebel

2006   LN Strelitz

2007   P-H Bischoff

2007   RB Walker

2007   L Louw

2007   CI Macleod

2008   NP Barker

2008   CM Boughey

2008   RA Dorrington

2008   CM Shackleton

2008   MH Villet

2008   L Wilbraham

2008   GCG Fraser

2009   AJ Booth

2009   AK Cowan

2009   PW Froneman

2009   MP Hill

2009   RH Kaschula

2009   H Lotz-Sisitka

2009   A Terzoli

2009   D Thorburn

2009   GC Wells

2009   NT Bishop

2009   PJ Britz

2009   MJ Marais

2009   W Sauer

2010   DC Klopper

2010   KI Meiklejohn

2011   DA Wylie

2011   MH Graven

2012   RWM Krause

2012   M Schäfer

2013   GF Baines

2013   WN Ellery

2013   BI Pletschke

2013   SE Shackleton

2013   LD Vincent

2014   LO Juma

2014   JL Limson

2014   BS Ripley

2014   JD Snowball

2014   M Neocosmos

2015   ML Chithambo

 Deputy Deans

 Humanities  V Jagarnath

Science  J Sewry

Education  B Brown

Pharmacy C Oltmann

Head of Department

Accounting  J Arendse

Biochemistry J Dames

Botany S Vetter


Drama J Praeg

Education B Brown

Linguistics SR Simango

Geology S Prevec

Human Kinetics & Ergonomics C Christie

Information Systems J Nash

Law R Küger

Management  T Amos

Music & Musicology L Watkins

Philosophy  M Vermaak

School of Languages P Mwepu

Sociology K Helliker

The Director, Library Services

U Satgoor

Research Institutes and Units representatives:

Albany Museum

To be appointed, Director

Centre for Social Development

G Harrison, Director

Dictionary Unit for South African English

J Wolvaardt, Executive Director

Information  and Technology Services

N Ripley, Director

Institute of Social and Economic Research

R van Niekerk, Director

Institute for the Study of English in Africa

M Hendricks, Director

International Library of African Music

DJ Thram Director

National English Literary Museum

BA Thomas, Director

Rhodes Business School

FO Skae, MCom(Rhodes), MBA(Dunelm)

School of Journalism and Media Studies

L Strelitz Head

South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity

A Paterson, Managing Director

Elected by the Lecturers

G Cundill

J McNeill

E Msindo

G Muller

S Srinivas

H van Coller

Students’ Representative Council

President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Societies, International

Elected by the Administrative/Support Staff

G Armstrong, A Vena

Elected by the Hall Wardens

J Gambiza, S Zschernack

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