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E-wallet Instructions


If it is the very first time you are using eWallet dial *120*277# and select 1 to activate your terms and conditions, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO WITHDRAW FROM EWALLET THAT DAY. If you experience problems with this please speak to your Hall Warden. This activates your terms and conditions and ensures that the next payment we send won’t fail for you.

You can withdraw at a FNB ATM. Please note that if your pin expires after four hours or you never receive one, you can request another by dialling *120*277#.


This enables you to withdraw later in the week if you so wish. Dial the string just before you wish to withdraw the cash).

Go to the ATM with your temporary Pin

If it has been four hours since your pin was sent or you deleted it accidentally or you never received one dial *120*277# to get your pin. If you have no airtime dial *130*277# to get airtime and then dial string *120*277# to get your pin. The airtime transaction will deduct R6 from your eWallet but will leave you with airtime in your bundle.

At the ATM select 'eWallet Services'.

Enter your cellphone number and the temporary ATM PIN sent via SMS, and choose the amount of cash you would like to withdraw. The first withdrawal will not incur any fees.


You can buy airtime, data or electricity using your eWallet. Use your cell-phone Dial *120*277#:

Select 'Prepaid'

Select 'Airtime', 'Data' or 'Electricity'

For airtime or data, select 'Me' or 'Enter Number' to use a different cellphone number

For Electricity, Enter the Meter Number

Select the amount you wish to buy for

Select 'Confirm'


Please note: Hall Wardens will not be reimbursing students. If you had no number you may collect your voucher from Infrastructure and Operations during the times communicated in the initial email to the Wardens.



(Inform your House Warden or Hall Administrator if any contact details change).

Rhodes will not be liable for reimbursing students where funds were sent to an incorrect eWallet number.


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