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Additional Information


Dinning Hall meals

All meals in the Hall are in Hobson Dinning Hall, near Dingeman House and Hobson House. Rhodes uses a computerized Meal Booking System that allows students to select their preferred meal choice. Meal times during the terms are as follows. During the exams, breakfast time on Saturdays will be the same as during the weekdays (07h00 - 08h15.)


Breakfast                  Lunch                   Supper

07h00-08h15          12h00-14h00       17h00-18h30

Saturday- Sunday

Breakfast                  Lunch                   Supper

08h00-09h15          12h00-13h30       17h00-18h30


House keeping and Maintenance

For any issues that require the attention of the housekeeping staff and maintenance; please record a detailed requisition (problem, student name, room/unit number and date) in the relevant book in residence. Alternatively please contact the residence subwarden or send a detailed email to the Hobson Hall Administrator Ms Natasha Botha on n.botha@ru.ac.za 


Clinic (Health Care Centre)

The Health Care Centre is located along Rhodes Avenue, above CPU. Nursing staff in the Health Care Centre are on duty throughout term time to provide a professional and caring service to students at Rhodes.

Opening Hours

In term time:

Monday – Friday: 08:30 – 12:30 & 14:00 – 17:30

Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays: 09:30 – 12:30 & 14:00 – 17:30

During University vacations:

Weekdays: 09:30 – 12:30


A Health Care Centre Sister is available 24 hours for emergencies. On arrival- ring the doorbell or phone: 046 603 8523.

The Health Care Centre offers the following services;

• treatment of minor ailments such as flu, tonsillitis, etc.

• in-patient care for acute illnesses

• management and care of patients with infectious diseases

• post-operative observations

• emergency assessment and crisis management (e.g. rape)

• voluntary HIV testing, including pre- and post-test counselling

• screening tests e.g. blood pressure

• family planning advice.

Services at minimal cost

• Vaccinations (flu etc.)

• Pregnancy tests

• Pap Smears and blood tests

• Doctor’s clinic: @ R120.00 per consultation

• Vitamins and appropriate antibiotics for HIV & AIDS patients

Other useful contact numbers

Settler’s Hospital:         046 602 5000 (All Hours)

Settler’s Day Hospital:  046 622 3033


Emergency contact details

The back of your student card has the Campus Protection Emergency number written on it. Please be sure to request the most updated list of emergency numbers and general information booklet from STUDENT BUREAU on registering.


Heather Ferreira            Rhodes Health Care Centre          046 603 8532/ 082 801 1409

Dr Colleen Vassiliou        Counselling Centre            046 603 7070

Rhodes Psychological    Emergency Number         082 803 0177

Campus Protection Unit  Rhodes Ave                        046 603 8146/7 and 8999 (emergency)

Police                              Bathurst Street                 046 603 9111/10111

Private Ambulance          046 622 7976                     073065 6660

Settlers Hospital              Milner Street, past the bridge        046 602 5000

Fort England Hospital      York Street                         046 622 7003

Fire Brigade                    New Street                        046 622 4444



For transport in and around Grahamstown please follow this link.

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