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ESSA Professional Affairs Board Charter

Date Released: Wed, 11 February 2015 09:11 +0200

About the Charter

The charter has been drawn up in line with the statutes of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA). This as the IEA is the over-arching endorsing body for all ergonomic professionals, worldwide. While the IEA statutes are considered the guiding principles, the context of South Africa and the situation in which ergonomics practice finds itself in this country has not been overlooked.

The PAB will be managed as a non-profit organisation, and as an integral part of ESSA. The full title of this certification authority will thus bear the acronym “ESSA-PAB”. The objectives of the ESSA-PAB include supporting, promoting and establishing codes of practice for professional ergonomists in South Africa. Additionally, development of the profession, by means of supporting the teaching and learning environments for ergonomists.  In creating a “professional board for professionals” ESSA-PAB will adopt a code of professional ethics to be adhered to by all ergonomists, and will also prepare and publish the regulations for training and teaching within the profession.

The Certification Process

With regard to the certification process, ESSA-PAB will strive to regulate the profession by conducting verifications on ergonomists wishing to hold the title of either “Certified Ergonomics Associate” (intended to be a member of allied discipline, such as Occupational Hygiene, who completes a short course in ergonomic practice) or “Certified Ergonomics Professional” (generally a professional who has completed a degree in ergonomics, and has also gained practical experienced in the working environment). There will be more information about the certification process early in 2015 – please visit www.ergonomicssa.com for further information.