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HKE bids Professor Matthias Goebel Farewell

Date Released: Fri, 29 January 2016 08:57 +0200

Matthias arrived in Grahamstown with his wife, and during his time in Grahamstown, expanded the family by four: two gorgeous sons (David and Maurice) and twin daughters (Laura and Natalie). A mechanical engineer by training, with much experience both in corporate and in academe, Professor Goebel brought a fresh and different approach to human factors analayses in our department.

One of the highlights of Matthias' time at HKE was the Organisational Design and Management (ODAM) International Conference which he organised and which was held in Grahamstown in 2011. His involvement in the International Ergonomics Association on variousn committees brought our department into the international arena, and raised the reputation of the research work being conducted here in Grahamstown.

Due to family commitments, as his children had relocated to Germany, Matthias made the decision to return to Germany and will be working in a small, but vibrant, engineering and design company, based near Munich. HKE and Rhodes will retain close ties with Matthias.

We wish him well in this new, and challenging endeavour, and thank him for his years of service to Rhodes and to HKE.

Prof 2