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Dr Zschernack in Shanghai

Date Released: Wed, 8 April 2015 09:27 +0200

The "Arts, Aging, Ability - Arts and Wellbeing" Symposium was organised by the Inclusive Design Research Group, of which Dr Schernack is a part while she is at Tongji University. Dr Schernack's topic was a broad exploration of Human Factors and Health Care, with particular emphasis on the need to consider both patient and nursing/medical staff health.

Dr Zschernack reports that the language barrier is quite a hurdle to overcome, particularly as she is to supervise some post-graduate students while she is at Tongji, and that she is to visit a "small, rural village - population 3 million" with a colleague in the next few days. 


Dr Zschernack's presentation

Rhodes University on display in Shanghai at Tongji University (Dr Zschernack)