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A staff member found guilty after a disciplinary hearing, has a right to appeal that decision. The appeal process works as follows:

  1. For level 1 and 2 offences: there is an internal appeal process
  2. For level 3 offences which result in dismissal, summary dismissal or suspension without pay: no internal appeal. The appeal process takes place at the CCMA. Please note that you only have 30 days from the date of your dismissal to file an appeal. Documentation can be downloaded from the Department of Labour website or collected at a local office.

Internal appeal process

The staff member has two working days, after receiving notification of the outcome of a disciplinary hearing, to appeal that decision. The Chairperson is selected by the Vice-Chancellor or DVCs. The HoD/manager is therefore not involved in this process, unless called by the Chair of the appeal as a witness.

Relevant extract from the disciplinary process document: Appeal Extract

An appeal can be made on the following grounds:

1.    Substantive fairness:

  • the penalty was not appropriate to the charges
  • the penalty was not consistent relative to other similar cases of discipline in the work area
  • mitigating circumstances were not considered

2.    Procedural fairness:

  • the staff member’s rights were not observed
  • the disciplinary process was not followed

The staff member needs to make an appeal providing reasons for this. The appeal notification document needs to be completed:Notice to appeal the outcome of a disciplinary hearing

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