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Mr DCH (Hugo)  Retief

Degree: Masters in Commerce Management (Water)

Supervisors: Dr A Slaughter
Degree: MSc (Water Resource Science)
Working title of thesis: Investigating integrated catchment management scenarios using a 'simple' water quality and quantity model: A case study of the Crocodile River Catchment, South Africa.
Year of Registration: 2014

Research Focus:

The Crocodile River Catchment, which is located within the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa, has been experiencing a decline in water quality as a result of the point source input of a cocktail of pollutants, which are discharged from industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, as well as from diffuse source runoff and return flows from the extensive areas of irrigated agriculture and mining sites (Deksissa, et al., 2004). The decline in water quality has profound implications on a range of stakeholders across the catchment. The major implication is the financial repercussions incurred by stakeholders particularly that rely on high water quality for production as they must face the increase in costs of treating water extracted from the Crocodile River. Even more importantly the Crocodile River flows out of the catchment into a bordering country, Mozambique, and South Africa is governed by international treaties to regulate the quantity and quality of rivers leaving South Africa (Palmer et al. 2013).