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Mr  Onalenna  Gwate

Degree: PhD (Water Resource Science)

Working title of thesis: Using earth observation in modelling water use efficiency and livestock water productivity in three rural catchments of the Eastern Cape
Year of Registration: 2014

My research focuses on determining evapotranspiration, water use efficiency and livestock productivity in the Eastern Cape. Understanding trajectories in these across environmental gradients provides an
insight to the potential of ecosystem services. This could enrich decision making, whether to augment natural capital and the extent of intervention required to bolster it so that it continues providingrequisite ecosystems services. In developing scenarios that can convince land users to change their behaviour and land use patterns, it is essential to have an empirical understanding of water use of
each component of the ecosystem. Hence, the study will show how decisions on land use options can affect the type, magnitude and mix of services and goods provided by that ecosystem. It will also show
what consequences land use trade-offs may have for the people dependent on them. Ultimately, it is envisaged that the study will form the basis for promoting the payment for ecosystem services concept.