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The 16th Annual Highway Africa conference partners with the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD)

The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) is a voluntary affiliation of media development organisations set up at world and at regional level to highlight the importance to human and economic development of free, independent, pluralistic and viable media. In this story, GFMD Director, Bettina Peters explains the relationship between the two organisations and the decision to partner up for the 2012 summit.


Highway Africa & Grocott's Mail - Always On and On the Move

Highway Africa (HA) has added a twist to the 16th installment of the conference. For the first time in the history of the event, delegates have the chance to keep in touch with its day to day happenings through mobile phones – partnering with local newspaper Grocotts Mail; one of the oldest Newspapers in South Africa which also serves as an experiential student training ground for JMS.


Dr. Glenda Daniels Launches Her Book "Fight for Democracy" at JMS

In her book - "Fight for Democracy" - Daniels, a South African journalist for over 20 years, provides a critical insight into the ANC’s treatment of print media since the country’s transition to democracy. The BOOK launch took place at JMS as part of the Highway Africa Conference, and the story below first appeared in "Open Source" - the conference's own daily newspaper, staffed by personnel and students of JMS.


SA Infantry Formation Visits JMS

Thirty communication officers from every SANDF infantry battalion in South Africa, as well key personnel of Grahamstown's First City Regiment and 6th SA Infantry Battalion, visited JMS as part of their weeklong media workshop at the 6 SAI military base in Grahamstown – meeting with various JMS and SPI members of staff to discuss potential synergies, followed by a tour of the AMM building.


SPEAKING OUR MINDS Participatory journalism short films

JMS is hosting a screening of short films on the issues that bother young people in Grahamstown. The programme called SPEAKING OUR MINDS consists of24 short films - each a collaboration between the 24 third-year TV students and the 24 school learners from Grahamstown township high schools to tackle issues that "tick off" the learner.