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Africa Media Matrix

students stand in a line at the entrance of the African Media Matrix welcoming people 

Welcome to the home of the Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies, a facility offering seven degrees and a dozen outreach projects. The whole building looks new and fresh, yet only the top floor of the Africa Media Matrix is novel. With support from media company Johncom, it was added in 2005 to what used to be the two-story Leather Industries Research Institute, built during the Second World War.

The entire structure was gutted and rebuilt at a cost of R26m to be ready for teaching at the start of 2006. The conversion culminated a fundraising process that began in 2001 with a planning grant from the Ford Foundation. A special vision has guided the look and feel for the building. It is: to act as a vibrant catalyst providing any person entering the space an opportunity to engage with media production, consumption and debate in Africa. Non-profit company Artaid, founded by John-Anthony Boerma, advised the School on developing the aesthetics and collections policy, and assisted in securing and installing most of the artworks.

Original AMM brochure 

AMM buidling AMM building 3 ‌ ‌looking up on AMM - different perspective

‌ AMM building 2 Pic by Simon Pamphilon AMM with aloes



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