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200 cups of soup in 67 minutes

Date Released: Mon, 29 July 2013 08:51 +0200

On Friday 26 July staff members from the School of Journalism and Media Studies descended on the St Mary’s Development Care Centre with large iron pots of bean and vegetable soup to combat the morning’s winter chill, as part of the Rhodes University community engagement initiative to give 67 minutes of your time for Nelson Mandela day.

Chad Gill, the School’s resident intern, organised the day’s events, and Delise Moriarty’s husband, Des, prepared the soup. In attendance to pour, stir, and serve were Delise, Chad, Belinda de Lange, Gerald Brown, Dawn Long, and Mandla Msehla. Between them they served 200 cups of soup to students and staff members at St Mary’s DCC.

The students sat around wooden tables in the dining area and posed for the cameras, some of them still missing their teeth. Belinda de Lange remarked afterwards that she hopes to do more events like this in the future, and not only on special occasions like Nelson Mandela day.

‌‌‌‌‌soup day 1

Chad Gill and Gerald Brown pose with a cup for the camera.

soup day 2

Dawn Long makes her rounds in the dining hall of St Mary's Development Care Centre.

soup day 3

Gerald Brown and Mandla ‌Msehla get ready to serve soup to the little ones.

soup day 4

Belinda de Lange and Delise Moriarty dishing up soup at a hot speed.

soup day 5

Soup, soup, everywhere, and lots and lots to drink.

soup day 6

And cupcakes!

soup day 7

On the playground of St Mary's Development Care Centre.

soup day 8

Little ones drinking soup.

soup day 10

Posing for the camera.

soup day 11

Students at the St Mary's Development Care Centre sitting around tables and drinking their soup.

Words and photographs by Annetjie van Wynegaard