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All Systems Go For 2013

Date Released: Sat, 12 January 2013 11:55 +0200

Escalating focus on media ethics and regulation; emerging forms of alternative journalism; the blossoming of African media; the role of journalism in facilitating active citizenship; media freedom and the law; the converged newsroom; mobile telecoms and their part in media content production, proliferation and consumption; the future of print and the rise of online media; responsible journalism vs ‘churnalism’; media corporatisation and the rise and fall of celebrity culture; participatory journalism and the confluence of news and social activism – these are just some of the major issues facing media practitioners, academics and students today. And at JMS the dynamic platform for action and discussion that all of these together spawn, creates phenomenal opportunity for teaching, learning, research and vibrant community engagement.  Never has the modern media been in a greater state of flux; and we are delighted to participate in sculpting its mindful evolution this year!

Look out for many updates on JMS projects and activities on this page throughout 2013 – beginning from early February once we have ensured that all our students have comfortably begun another year of learning and sharing with us.