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Being & Belonging in South Africa - JMS an Integral Part of Think! Fest

Date Released: Wed, 27 June 2012 15:21 +0200

If being a citizen in a democracy entails more than just voting every five years then how active and engaged are South Africans as citizens? What real say do they have in the shaping of their democracy? And what role does the media play in enabling them (and especially those previously disenfranchised) to be active partners in deepening democracy? These are the types of fascinating questions Being & Belonging in South Africa will explore through a series of dynamic events, whose full programme appears at the end of this post:

 Interactive exhibition

This multi-media installation uses video, sound, photography, cartoons, social media and words to engage the theme “Being and Belonging: mediated citizenship in South Africa”. The installation includes the work of South African photographers Roelof van Wyk and Sophie Smith, work from students of the School of Journalism and Media Studies, newspaper clippings and the visitors own comments. Audiences are encouraged to watch, listen, read, and respond to the range of work which gets them to see, hear, feel and think about citizenship in South Africa. Audiences can visit the voting booths, tweet, SMS and use social media to respond to the media messages.


Featuring various well-known South African intellectuals such as Zackie Achmat, Steve Robins, and Steven Friedman, these lectures cover wider ranges of subject matter pertaining to citizenship in South Africa. From Achmat?s lecture on „Being and Beloning?, to Friedman?s lecture interrogating the role of the media.

Panel Discussions

Each panel discussion will focus on a main theme of Being and Belonging in South Africa. The first, chaired by David Holwerk will look into the role of the media in facilitating democratic participation and inclusion in political processes. The second, chaired by Richard Pithouse will focus on Activism and Agency to interrogate the notion of citizenship.

Films and discussions

Films such as Skin, Dear Mandela and Jerusalema will run over festival accompanied by a discussion of the film by various experts in the field. These films interrogate what it means to be a citizen in South Africa, and how the concept of citizenship is interpreted artistically. Cheese and wine will be served at the film and discussion events.

Schools’ Fest Events

After the National Arts Festival, the project will be putting together events for the learners attending the Schools? Festival. The World Café is an interactive workshop where learners will be encouraged to interact with media, and two of the project leaders will be conducting a lecture and workshop around activism and citizenship.


Interactive exhibition

The Debate Space, second  floor African Media Matrix

28 June to 12 July

 Films and discussion

The Uprising of Hangberg, Red Lecture Theatre Monday 2 July 18:00

 Films and discussion

White Wedding, Blue Lecture Theatre, Tuesday 3 July 18:30


Opening lecture

“Being & Belonging” by Zackie Achmat

Blue Lecture Theatre

Wednesday 4 July 17:30



“Speaking  Power's Truth” by Steven  Friedman

Blue Lecture Theatre

Thursday 5 July 09:30


Panel Discussion

“Mediated Citizenship in South Africa” chaired by

David Holwerk

Blue Lecture Theatre

Thursday 5 July 11:00


Films and discussion

Dear Mandela, Seminar Room 1, Thursday 5 July 13:00



“The limits to liberation” by Steve  Robins

Blue Lecture Theatre

Thursday 5 July 14:00


Panel Discussion

“Activism and Agency” chaired by Richard Pithouse

Blue Lecture Theatre

Thursday 5 July 15:30


Films and discussion

Jerusalema, Blue Lecture Theatre, Thursday 5 July 18:00


Films and discussion

Cry the beloved country Red Lecture Theatre Friday 6 July 18:00


Films and discussion

Skin, Red Lecture Theatre,Saturday 7 July 18:00


Films and discussion

U-Carmen eKhayelitsha, Seminar Room 1, Sunday 8 July 10:00


Schools’ Festival World Café

Seminar Room 201, AMM, Second Floor

Monday 9 July 10:00-11:30 and 16:15-17:45

Tuesday 10 July 10:30-12:00 and 14:15-15:45

Wednesday 11 July 11:00-12:30 and 16:15-17:45


Schools’ Festival Lecture

“That sucks! What can we do about it” byAnthea Garman and Vanessa Malila

Zoo Major

Wednesday 11 July 08:00


Please contact Leigh Raymond at L.Raymond@ru.ac.za or 0723456415 for any additional information.