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JMS Academic, Rod Amner; and MA Student, Mvuzo Pono, Invited to Participate in US-based Kettering Foundation's workshop, Doing Democracy Around the World (DDW)

Date Released: Wed, 18 July 2012 16:16 +0200

For the Kettering Foundation, “Deliberative democratic practices have the potential to help democracy work as well as it should and are at the foundation of Kettering's research inquiry.” Thus during the workshop, participants will begin by looking at the idea of a ‘deliberative public’ - exploring the concept and outlining for themselves appropriate ways in which to organize the political work of their home communities. Then some of them will share insights on the challenges they are facing in their efforts. In doing so, they will join a broad international network of people engaged in the challenges of deliberative democracy. For Ponono as an MA student, the workshop presents a perfect opportunity to travel to a distant land and learn from the experience. “From what I understand, the workshop is very focused on building individuals to be active in their communities,” says Ponono.  “This is a chance for me to critically look back at the little that I have done in my immediate surroundings, share it with the world and hopefully bring back enough to do a great deal more.” For Amner – one of the pioneers of community engagement as an integrated aspect of media praxis teaching at JMS – the workshop provides a platform for South African and global experience to be aligned, evaluated, compared and then further developed, in creating contemporary paradigms of the direct role of media in society and how this can be mindfully used to further promote the democratic ideal in practice. JMS wishes both Amner and Ponono well on their journey; and we look forward to hearing about the outcomes of DDW on their return.