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JMS Strongly Represented at the "1st International Conference on Journalism Studies" in Santiago, Chile.

Date Released: Wed, 27 June 2012 14:12 +0200

Of the six JMS academics involved, three will be presenting papers at the the conference, while the balance were all involved in the co-authoring of conference papers.

Priscilla Boshoff and Prof Anthea Garman have co-authored a paper titled Capital or Critique? When journalism education seeks to influence the field, which Priscilla will be presenting; while Alette Schoon will be presenting her paper on the JMS3 TV course, in which Television students work closely with high school students from Upstart. Her paper is titled Experiments in teaching pro-am journalism.

Then, Rod Amner and Danika Marquis have also co-authored a paper, Help! I'm Having an Ontological Crisis, which discusses the impact of alternative approaches to journalistic production on student’s notions of ‘professionalism’ and other aspects of journalistic identity. Danika will present the paper, which focuses on the JMS3 Journalism Democracy and Development / Critical Media Production (JDD/CMP) course. 

Finally, Deputy Head of JMS, Prof Herman Wasserman co-authored a paper titled Journalism in the New Media World Order: The changing face of journalism practices in China, India, and South Africa’, together with  Shakuntala Rao, of the State University of New York, USA, who will be presenting at the conference.

We wish them all every success!