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JMS’ Mellon Group Hosts International Academic Dr Katrin Voltmer

Date Released: Tue, 24 July 2012 12:48 +0200

In the abstract of one of the papers Dr Voltmer is presenting, she states that “Democratisation has been one of the most important developments in global politics over the last quarter of a century. In these transitions the media have played a central role and continue to be one of the most contested arenas of change. However, the emerging institutions and practices of democratic politics and public communication often differ in significant ways from their role models in established democracies. Evidently, they cannot be easily exported from one context to another. Instead, they change their meaning and consequences in significant ways, as they travel to their new destinations. In this paper I explore some key concepts, such as path dependency and hybridity, to understand the large variation of democracy and journalism in new democracies. I focus on two areas of media and democratisation to illustrate the complexity of transforming the media, the first being concerned with norms and practices and the second one with institution building: notions of press freedom and public service broadcasting.

JMS welcomes Dr Voltmer and wishes her a wonderful sojourn at JMS. The outcomes of an in-depth interview with Dr Voltmer by Mellon Group member Dr Vanessa Malila will be posted on this site soon.