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Response from School about protest action

Date Released: Sun, 1 May 2016 10:40 +0200

Dear Students,

We apologise that this email is coming to you only now. We have not had access to group email lists while the university was shut down and we needed to have a meeting with JMS staff to touch base before communicating with you.

We echo the HoD Forum meeting on Sunday by saying at the outset that: “Our central guiding principle is that our students’ safety and well?being, as well as your academic success, are our paramount responsibility. We are committed to a way forward that supports the needs of all students – those protesting and those who, for whatever reason, are not actively involved in the protests. We are committed to supporting processes that overcome the current impasse, promote dialogue and rebuild mutual trust and respect.”

Classes this week (and for the foreseeable future) will take place so that we can provide a gathering space for you to reconnect with your academic programmes. As some of you have already experienced, the JMS lecturers will be consulting with you as to how you want to use the lecture time; whether you want to discuss the issues raised these past weeks or whether you want to return to your studies (or in some cases a bit of both). If you need to individually speak to your lecturer about your own personal situation please do. If you feel as a class you would be better served by getting your rep to talk to us then do that. As HoS and Deputy HoS, Larry Strelitz and Anthea Garman are very happy for you to approach us on any issue you need to discuss now.

Courses will be reorganised so as not to penalise anybody. We uphold the university’s agreement with students that no DPs or LOAs are needed until Thursday 28 April. We will reschedule assignments and deadlines to accommodate the disruptions to classes.

We will be convening the Student Representative Forum to see how we can support you further as we continue the year. We’re aware that things might never be the same again.

Prof Larry Strelitz and Prof Anthea Garman, for the JMS staff.

Source:Rhodes JMS