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Rhodes radio students rewarded

Date Released: Wed, 11 September 2013 11:39 +0200

By Annetjie van Wynegaard

Ten second year students have received awards for excellence in broadcast radio journalism. Head of the School Professor Larry Strelitz and broadcast radio lecturer Dr Jeanne du Toit presented the certificates to the winners last term.

The awards for exceptional marketing efforts went to Jesame Geldenhuys, Ivan Blazic, Rhea Macdonald, Michaela Weiffenbach, Tumi Rakuba and Stuart Lewis. They produced series promos and jingles and designed the series logo. Stuart also received the award for best journalist in the course. Kerstin Hall produced the best package of the semester and Sheila David was named best producer. Kerstin and Sheila produced “Community Beats”. The best show marketing awards went to Zandalay Bothma and Tumi Rakuba for their show, “Word of mouth”. Ashleigh Morris worked on the “Community radio 101” show and received the award for best anchor.

Each semester second year radio students produce a series of radio shows for the campus station, Rhodes Music Radio (RMR). Last semester’s series name was “Transmissions, reaching all ears” and it was aired on RMR 89.7fm from Monday to Friday during the first semester’s swot week.

The aim of this project is to enable discussion between Rhodes and broader Grahamstown about the university’s relationship with its social environment. The series deals with the following questions:

“Do people who live in Grahamstown feel that the university forms part of the town, or that it exists separately? What do different stakeholders understand to be the responsibilities that Rhodes bears towards the town in which it is based? How does the university respond to such expectations? What does Rhodes say about its role in this town? To what extent do they live up to these claims? What are the problems, issues and solutions?”

This semester’s radio course focusses on the role that campus-based media play in shaping the identity of the university and its relationship to its social environment. The series will air during the November swot week.

Photograph by Annetjie van Wynegaard

Front: (From left to right) Rhea Macdonald and Zandalay Bothma

Middle: Tumi Rakuba, Kerstin Hall, Michaela Weiffenbach, Professor Larry Strelitz and Ivan Blazic

Back: Stuart Lewis, Bella Boqo (Teacher's Assistant), Dr Jeanne du Toit and Sheila David

Absent: Jesame Geldenhuys and Ashleigh Morris