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Shining stars at Grad 2014

Date Released: Fri, 18 April 2014 15:41 +0200

by Ettioné Ferreira

The entire JMS team wishes to congratulate our graduates of 2014 on their achievements. We would also like to announce the academic honours, colours and scholarship winners and congratulate them on their outstanding academic performance not only in Journalism and Media Studies but also in other departments:

Academic Honours 
*For academic achievement which, in the opinion of the Head of Department and Dean of Faculty, is markedly better than that required for the award of colours. The award is made in the form of a certificate, which entitles the student to buy the relevant blazer badge from an approved stockist.

Marc Davies
Mikhaila Steenkamp
Brendan Ward

Academic Colours
*A first class in both major subjects in the final year and a first class in at least half of the courses taken for a degree, or first class honours; or, in the case of a degree without major subjects, if the degree is awarded in the first class of with distinction.

Benjamin Coullie
Lauren Flynn
Jacek Kaminski
Raphaela Linders
Hercules Louw
Kate-Lyn Moore
Tassyn Munro
Robynne Peatfield
Robyn Perros
Jessica Poulos
Kayla Roux
Katharina Schreiber
Elna Schutz
Amy Slatem
Mia van der Merwe
Minette van der Walt
Mignon van Zyl


Academic Half Colours
*A first class and an upper second class for major subjects in the final year; or three first class and one upper second class in any year other than the final year; or a first class in at least half the courses taken for a degree with at least a second class in both majors in the final year; or a first class pass in three second-year courses where three courses form the normal second-year load for the degree.

Rubert Fitchet
Tinotenda Majero
Vimbai Midzi
Megan Roux
Savannah Wilmot



Mellon Media and Citizenship Focus Area MA Graduates:

Stephane Meintjies
Azwi Mufamadi
Mvuzo Ponono


MA Graduates

Ajibola Amzat
Audrey Chihota-Charamba
Olufunke Durodola
Belinda Japhet
Stephane Meintjes
Egbert Mkoko
Chelesani Moyo
Prince Mtelera
Azwihangwisi Mufamadi
Susan Nakacwa
Mvuzo Ponono
Leigh Raymond
Megan Schoeman
Robert Scott
Judith Tiri
Emeka Umejei


Terence Beard Prize for Politics:  Marc Davies (co-major with Journalism and Media Studies)


*Information taken from the Rhodes University Calendar 2014 (Page 321-322) http://www.ru.ac.za/media/rhodesuniversity/content/registrar/documents/Prospectus%202014/(81)%20general%20information.pdf

Source:Ettione Ferreira