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SPEAKING OUR MINDS Participatory journalism short films

Date Released: Tue, 25 September 2012 16:37 +0200

Each piece is made by a student and a learner together. They are devised as classic pieces of participatory journalism in which voices that are not normally heard as part of the media array are amplified through the film and the filming process to become an access point for the wider discussion of the issues.

The 24 short films include frank and creative accounts of domestic abuse,teenage pregnancy, absent and abusive fathers, bucket toilets, shebeens,social attitudes to sexual identity, gossiping, township littering, HIV stigma, school vandalism and other issues faced by local learners that they want to speak out about. The TV students were briefed to get the personality of the Upstarter to shine through the films, so these short films are all powerful personal stories told in visually engaging ways.

The project is collaboration between third year TV students in the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University and the Upstart Youth Development Project and aims to focus these problems to the wider public sphere. This is an important and innovative project related to the role of journalism in democracy and development which will be shown later this term
to targeted groups to push for community action and social change.

Venue: Rhodes Theatre
Date: Thursday 27th September
Time: 4pm - the screenings will run for approximately 90 minutes