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The new kids on the block

Date Released: Tue, 25 February 2014 13:08 +0200

By Ettione Ferreira


237 first year students signed up to do Journalism and Media Studies this year, here’s how some of them feel about this choice:


 ‌first years 2014 voxpops



   “I am definitively doing journalism this year. I’m feeling very excited!”    Mantsane Ntsane






first years 2014 voxpops



‌   “I’m really excited to be part of a journalism community where everyone  takes it seriously. I think it’s really cool that it’s not just textbook but also  practical skills.” Kristine Botha





First years 2014 voxpops 



  “I’m thinking of doing it even though it sounds a bit difficult.” Pretty Ngcobo






First years 2014 voxpops 



  “I’m excited to write. I just want to learn how to write properly!” Gemma    Middleton






First years 2014 voxpops 



 ‌ “It sounds a little intimidating but it is definitively something I’d like to do  and just hope for the best.” Ayanda Gigaba






First years 2014 voxpops




 ‌ “I’m super excited because this School is famous for its journalism and it  will open many doors. There are so many specializations to explore which is  great.” Lili Barras-Hargan


Source:Ettione Ferreira