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The writing on the wall

Date Released: Tue, 29 September 2015 10:46 +0200

By Ettione Ferreira

The design lab in the AMM building has always been known to be a creative space with students being allowed to write and draw on the walls. c

The Confucius Institute at Rhodes University’s Chinese Cultural Centre organised the calligraphy experts’ visit from China and provided an opportunity for them to interact with different departments and students to share their expertise. Garman decided to approach the Chinese Cultural Centre and organised for the calligraphers to place some of their artwork on the design lab walls.

Professor Cai Xianliang did a poem about hope, Professor Xie Guanghui a poem about a peach blossom in the spring time and Professor Chen Tianshuo a picture of bamboo. Professor Xianliang explained that the poem about hope was to inspire students and Professor Guanghui’s poem marked the fact that it is now spring time in South Africa, an experience which reminded him of this poem. Professor Tianshuo’s picture of bamboo symbolises strength.

We hope that the calligraphy will inspire strong students for many years to come!

Prof Cai Xianliang paints a poem about hope on the design lab wall

Professor Cai Xianliang painting a poem about hope. Photo: Ettione Ferreira

Prof Xie Guanghui paints a poem about a peach blossom in spring on the wall of the Design lab

Professor Xie Guanghui painting a poem about a peach blossom in spring. Photo: Ettione Ferreira

Prof Chen Tianshuo draws a picture of a bamboo in the wind on the walls of the design lab

A bamboo in the wind drawn by Professor Chen Tianshuo. Photo: Ettione Ferreira

The audience watch carefully as the calligraphers paint on the Design lab walls

The audience watching the calligraphers, mesmerised by their work. Photo: Ettione Ferreira

Calligraphers, Prof Xie Guanghui, Cai Xianliang and Chen Tianshuo pose for a photo in front of their artwork

The Calligraphers: Prof Xie Guanghui, Prof Cai Xianliang and Prof Chen Tianshuo. Photo: Ettione Ferreira

Source:Rhodes JMS