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"Stage to Paper" A National Arts Festival Exhibition of a Decade of UBOM in Greenway Photographs

Date Released: Thu, 28 June 2012 13:33 +0200

In many ways the ability to capture the dynamism of live performance through static imagery is an art akin to performance itself. Many have tried. Few have hit the nail on the head perfectly! Greenway has! For him, photographing UBOM has been a labour of love; and it shows in his pictures. Through practice, persistence and natural inclination, he has managed to create an UBOM photo portfolio whose imagery dances out to meet your eyes; and he is delighted at being able to share this with thousands of festival goers this year! He was also quick to remind us that UBOM is truly the star of his show – its people, its work, and the amazing difference it has made to many lives. And Greenway is also very grateful to the Arts & Culture Trust whose financial support made the exhibition possible.   “UBOM – Stage to Paper” can be viewed at St. Patrcik’s Hall, on Hill Str, for the duration of festival.