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Anthea Garman


a.garman@ru.ac.za Room 231

BA (Wits), BA Hons (PMB), MA (PMB), PhD (Wits)

Anthea teaches writing and editing and media studies in the School. She is the editor of Rhodes Journalism Review and co-ordinates the annual Think!Fest, the public lecture series of the National Arts Festival. She has been at Rhodes since January 1997. Before coming to Rhodes she was a journalist at The Rand Daily Mail, The Cape Times, The Sunday Times and The Witness (where she was an assistant editor). She also worked for African Enterprise in Pietermaritzburg.

She directs the NRF-funded research project “Media and citizenship: between marginalisation and participation”. She is also a member of a Global South research group funded by SEPHIS “Troubling memories: a history of identities from India, South Africa and Argentina” with Dr Anil Persaud, postdoctoral researcher at the International Institute for Social History based in Delhi, Ms Radhika Borde, Asian Development Research Institute, based in Jharkand, India and Dr Mario Rufer, Autonomic University of Mexico.

Her PhD on “Antjie Krog: Self and Society, the Making and Mediation of a Public Intellectual in South Africa.” was awarded in 2009 by Wits University.

Anthea’s blog “Writing Across Genres” can be found athttps://writexgenres.wordpress.com and her conference presentations, teaching materials and chapters are on academia.edu


Anthea has received the Vice-Chancellor’s Book Award for 2015 for Antjie Krog and the Post-apartheid Public Sphere: Speaking Poetry to Power which is based on her doctoral thesis. The book published by UKZN Press has been reviewed by the Mail&Guardianand Die Burger. A podcast with Corina van der Spoel interviewing Anthea for RSG can be listened to here.

Anthea also has two chapters published in the first-ever book of critical essays in English on the work of Krog. The book, edited by Andries Visagie and Judith Lütge Coullie, is titled An Ethics of Body and Otherness Antjie Krog as Poet, Journalist, Writer, Translator and published by UKZN Press (2014).

 antjie krog book cover

In “Antjie Krog and the accumulation of media meta-capital” Garman explores Krog's complex and multi-faceted relationship with the news media since she became a published poet at the age of 17. In “Antjie Krog the journalist: Running with the Jackals”, Garman investigates how Krog brought the unique features of poetry writing into her TRC journalism and how this both landed her in hot water with other journalists and resulted in great acclaim for her book Country of My Skull.

She has also had a chapter (“Troubling White Englishness in South Africa: a self-interrogation of privilege, complicity, citizenship and belonging”) published in Unveiling Whiteness (2015 Lexington Books)edited by Dierdre Howard-Wagner (Sydney University), Veronica Watson (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) and Lisa Spanierman (McGill University).

Latest Research

Forthcoming (co-authored with Priscilla Boshoff), “Capital or Critique? When Journalism Education Seeks to Influence the Field.” Critical Arts.

Forthcoming (co-authored with Vanessa Malila), “Listening to the ‘Born Frees’: politics and disillusionment in South Africa.” African Journalism Studies.

Forthcoming (co-authored with Sihle Nyathi), “Interrogating citizen journalism practices: a case study of the Iindaba Ziyafika Project.”

2015. (co-authored with Gillian Rennie), “Alexandra Fuller of Africa: A White Woman Writer Goes West.” Journal of Literary Journalism 7(1): 132-145. http://ialjs.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/134-147-LJS_v7n1.pdf?6b8609

2014. Poem “In the neck” in the anthology Heart of Africa! Poems of Love, Loss and Longing. Edited by Patricia Schonstein. Stellenbosch: African Sun Press: 198.

2014. (with Herman Wasserman). “The meanings of citizenship: media use and democracy in South Africa” in Social Dynamics 40(2): 392-407.

2014. “Ordinary People and the Media: the Demotic Turn” by Graeme Turner. Book Review. Ecquid Novi African Journalism Studies 35(1): 113-116.

2013. “At Home in the Many-Roomed House of Misfits.” Response to Robert Boyton’s Keynote Address at the IALJS, Tampere, May 2013. Literary Journalism Studies. 5(2): 133-135.

2013. “Finding a Voice.” Literary Journalism Newsletter 7(4):  26.http://www.davidabrahamson.com/WWW/IALJS/IALJS_Literary_Journalism_Newsletter.pdf

2013. Milton, V, Wasserman, H and Garman, A. Media, Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging in Contemporary South Africa. Introduction to the Special Edition of Communicatio 39(4): 405-414.

2013. Garman, A; Malila, V; Oelofsen, M & Wasserman, H. Making meaning of citizenship: citizens' use of the media in South Africa's democratic evolution.Communicatio 39(4).

2013. A Baseline Study of Youth Identity, the Media and the Public Sphere in South Africa. (co-authored with Jane Duncan, Irene Costera Meier, Nico Drok, Larry Strelitz, Lynette Steenveld, Tanja Bosch, Musa Ndlovo and Media Tenor; compiled by Vanessa Malila.http://www.ru.ac.za/media/rhodesuniversity/digitalpublications/Sanpad%20Report%202013/#/2 ISSN 978-0-620-55785-6

2013. (co-authored with Herman Wasserman) “Being South African and Belonging: The Status and Practice of Citizenship in a New Democracy” in Nathalie Walthrust Jones (ed) Diversity and Turbulence in Contemporary Global Migration interdisciplinary.net: 93-106. ISBN: 978-1-84888-187-7. (e-bookhttps://www.interdisciplinarypress.net/online-store/ebooks/diversity-and-recognition/diversity-and-turbulences-in-contemporary-global-migration)


Guest editor Ecquid Novi African Journalism Studies Vol. 32(3) 2011 Focus on Journalism and the Public Sphere in Africa.


Conference presentations

2015. Jonny Steinberg's negotiations of his powers of narration. International Association of Media and Communication Researchers, Montreal, Canada, 12-16 July 2015.

2015. Listening and the ambiguities of voice in South African Journalism (co-authored with Vanessa Malila). International Association of Media and Communication Researchers, Montreal, Canada, 12-16 July 2015.

2015. Becoming English through reading: a white girl’s experience in apartheid South Africa of the 1960s and 1970s. Private Lives of Empire conference, University of Sydney, 16-17 March.

2014. Acquiring new political identities: a task for state and media, Mediating Marginalities symposium hosted by the University of Hyderabad, International Association of Media and Communication Researchers, Hyderabad, India, 15-19 July.

2014. Listening to the ‘Born Frees’: politics and disillusionment in South Africa (presented with Vanessa Malila). International Association of Media and Communication Researchers, Hyderabad, India, 15-19 July.

2014. Simply surviving or just doing small things: South African youth 20 years into democracy. 20 Years of South African Democracy Conference, St Antony’s College, Oxford University, 25-26 April.

2014. Talking without listening, the ‘white debate’ and the necessity of interlocution across race in South Africa, presented at the Critical Philosophies of Race conference, organised by the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies and the Rock Ethics Institute, Pennsylvania State University, 13-14 January, University of the Witwatersrand.

2013. It was not the voice, but the ear that was lacking, Media, Listening and Citizenship Workshop, University of Wollongong, UOW Business School, Sydney, 27 November.

2013. The South African Media Post-Apartheid, lecture at the University of Wollongong, Australia, public lecture 20 November.

2013. Citizenship from the South: a different, and more useful, vantage point. South African Communication Association conference, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, 25-27 September.

2013. “The meanings of citizenship: media use and democracy in South Africa” (co-authored with Herman Wasserman). International Association for Media Communication Researchers, Dublin, 25-29 June.

2013. “South African Media: Quo Vadis?” panel with Kate Skinner and Wadim Schreiner at the Menell 13 Conference, organised by the Menell Fellows of Duke University, University of Johannesburg, 8 June.

2013. “Mark Gevisser’s Portraits of Power: Giving White South African Interlocutors to Negotiate a Post-apartheid World”, International Association of Literary Journalism Studies 8, University of Tampere, Finland, 16-18 May.

2013. “Bongos and Beneficiaries: being white and (not) talking about privilege and inequality” in the South African (white) media. Whitewash 1: Negotiating Whiteness in 21st Century South Africa, University of Johannesburg, 19-20 March.

2013. “Making meaning of citizenship: citizens’ use of the media in South Africa’s democratic evolution”. Media and Citizenship: Identity Politics, Politicised Identities and the Question of Belonging, UNISA, 28 February.

Public engagements

Speaker at the Bookbedonnerd Literary Festival, Richmond, Northern Cape, 23 October 2015.

Panellist on “Black and white in colour: Why race (still) matters” (with Lewis Gordon, Xolela Mangcu, Hlonipha Mokoena and Melanie Verwoerd) at the Mail&Guardian Literary Festival/SA Book Fair, Johannesburg, 2 August 2015.

Presentation to the Press Freedom Commission investigation into print media regulation chaired by Justice Pius Langa, Johannesburg, 30 January 2012 (written with Lynette Steenveld, Larry Strelitz, Herman Wasserman, Jude Mathurine, Priscilla Boshoff and Rod Amner).



The 2015 Vice-Chancellor’s Book Award.

The 2011 Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Distinguished Teaching Award.


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