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Cullen Bowles House

Description and Ethos:

Cullen Bowles residence is an all-male residence which forms a part of one of the four residences in Kimberly hall. The establishment provides accommodation to over seventystudents from an array of different countries, to mention a few; we have students from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa. It is in this rich diversity that we pride ourselves while cultivating the spirit of togetherness, which is embodied in the actions of all our residents. Camaraderie and brotherhood echo through the hallways of our residence, providing a homely feel for all who reside here. Among others, we pride ourselves in the level of participation and commitment in residence sporting and community engagement activities. The residence also provides a conducive learning environment, evidence of which can be seen by our high pass rate at all levels of university; from first year throughout to honours.

Mission Statement: We are committed to providing a safe environment in which our residents can have access to all essential amenities in order to encourage active learning, while fostering the spirit of togetherness which we highly value.

Our Vision:We intend to be the best academic residence at Rhodes University while encouraging active participation in sporting and community engagement activities.

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