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SA calls for release of Nigerian girls

Date Released: Mon, 12 May 2014 11:00 +0200

Rhodes University together with the Grahamstown community in the Eastern Cape have pleaded with the Nigerian government to intervene in returning the 234 Nigerian schools girls that militant group Boko Haram abducted last month.

Different protests were held throughout the City of Saints, with the main event taking place at the university. The protests are part of the global movement titled "Bring back our girls".

Co-ordinator of the Silent Protest against Gender-based Violence at the university Kim Barker says, "Leaders who have the power to act, need to listen, need to work strategically, carefully and swiftly to take action to prevent further abductions and to bring these girls home whatever it takes and however long it takes."

Meanwhile, the students have vowed to continue speaking out against the abductions. "The fact that these girls have been taken and not much has been done by the Nigerian government to actually get these girls back is that much horrific, it's just been treated as your normal stuff," says a student.

She says it’s so disappointing that there are still people out there "doing such horrific things".

Source: SABC

Caption: The protests are part of the global movement titled “Bring back our girls”. (REUTERS)