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Rhodes University honours long-service staff
Rhodes University honours long-service staff
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Rhodes University honours long-service staff

Date Released: Mon, 18 June 2018 12:24 +0200

Rhodes University academic, administrative, and support staff gathered in the Senior Common Room to celebrate those who have been in service at the University for 15, 25, and 35 years.

“This evening, we celebrate the combined service of 795 years of 45 of our colleagues,” said Rhodes University Vice-Chancellor, Dr Sizwe Mabizela. “This is one of those special days set aside in our university calendar to recognise, and pay special tribute to our colleagues who have served this university loyally, and with great dedication and commitment, for a considerable amount of time.”

Two staff members received an award for 35 years of service, eight for 25 years, and 35 staff members were acknowledged for being employed by the University for 15 years.

Dr Mabizela stated that long-service is something very special these days, since the notion of job-for-life is changing dramatically with each passing day. In the past, it was standard practice to stay in one job for an entire working career. These days, however, spending five to 10 years in one organisation or institution is seen as a long service.

“Indeed, indications are that people will change their jobs and careers at least 15 times in their working life,” Dr Mabizela said. “We are therefore very privileged to be able to celebrate such long service. And it is the loyalty, education, commitment, and hard work of these individuals that has enabled us to build and sustain this university as a place of knowledge, as a place of hope, and as a place of opportunity for all.”

To the long-service awardees, he said, “You've seen this university grow and change over time. And in the process, you have made your own unique and special contribution to help make this make this university the great institution that it is today.”

The latest long-service award winners are:

Mr Xolisile Matiso                   35

Ms Nontuthuzelo Faku           35

Mrs Anna Goosen                   25

Ms Moira Japp                        25

Mr Deon          Evans              25

Prof Di Wilmot                         25

Mrs June Mcdougall               25

Mrs Lindisa Nombewu            25

Ms Lyndrianne Myers             25

Mr John           Gillam              25

Prof Michelle Dold                  15

Mrs Veliswa Kila                     15

Prof Janice Limson                 15

Mr Mthetheleli Sentile             15

Prof Silvester Simango           15

Dr Brendan Wilhelmi               15

Mrs Brenda Meyer                  15

Miss Sibongile Mkwetshana   15

Prof Craig Peter                      15

Mr Charles Botha                    15

Mrs Angela Bezuidenhout       15

Ms Kholiwe Fundani               15

Mr Thomas Haywood             15

Miss Nontuthuzelo Hopshire  15

Mr Sandile Klaas                     15

Mrs Georgina Mantolo            15

Mrs Xoliswa Qangule              15

Mrs Deborah Yamiso              15

Mr George Damana                15

Mr Edward De La Rey            15

Mrs Sonia Kivitts                     15

Mr Kevin Rafferty                   15

Mrs Susan Rionda                  15

Prof Barry Irwin                       15

Prof Catherine Foxcroft          15

Miss Nandipha George           15

Mr Michael Kewuti                  15

Mr Simwogerere Kyazze        15

Miss Mampho Onceya           15

Prof Susanne Vetter               15

Mr Xolisile Tyotha                   15

Prof Joanna Dames                15

Prof James Gambiza              15

Mrs Ntombekhaya Zweni        15