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Former South African hockey goalkeeper and Director for Diocesan School for Girls Sport, Chris Hebbe
Former South African hockey goalkeeper and Director for Diocesan School for Girls Sport, Chris Hebbe
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Sport, a great teacher of successful living

Date Released: Fri, 20 October 2017 11:24 +0200

Former South African hockey goalkeeper and Director for Diocesan School for Girls Sport, Chris Hebbert, used sport as a metaphor to illustrate how society should ideally function in order for the greatness of previous generations to be passed on to the next. He was speaking on Wednesday night as a guest speaker at the Rhodes University Sports Awards 2017,

Herbett played professional hockey in the United Kingdom for over a decade while playing for the South African national team. He has been part of two Olympic Games and played in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. In 2014, he relocated to the Eastern Cape and coached the Rhodes Men’s hockey Team for two seasons.

“When it was time for us old dogs to retire from the national team, we had to focus on the legacy we were going to leave behind. We stayed for the purpose of sharing our experience, to guide an amateur team and to ensure that South African hockey remained competitive long after we had retired,” he said.

“For every sector of life where people are excelling, they have to make sure that they leave a strong lasting foundation for the next generation, instead of seeking personal glory until the end.”

Sharing his sentiments was the second guest speaker of the night, Grahamstown native Bavuyise Matyumza (26), a former Rhodes netball star. Matyumza recently retired from netball after a fifteen-year career that boasts caps for the South African under 21 and under 23 teams.

For Matyumza, netball, especially during her time at Rhodes, taught her that to be the greatest is not the end of learning.  “My love and passion for netball was groomed here at Rhodes. It was a reality check for a high school overachiever. I was known for my greatness but varsity taught me the value of playing for each other, developing a strong team cohesion and that a team is as strong as its weakest player,” she recalls.

Rhodes Sport is renowned for its never say die spirit and strong character. “We played amongst the greatest and got battered and bruised, but we had an admirable ability to recover and comeback from a loss like a boss. We lost, but we were never defeated. This is a life lesson I have carried with me since I was a student here,” said Matyumza.

The guest speakers set an inspiration tone for the purple men and women who were honoured and recognised for their sportsmanship and excellence in their respective sporting codes over the past two years. The archery, dance sport and rowing teams walked away with most of the awards on the night.

A special mention was given to the Rhodes Rugby team who competed in the Varsity Shield Cup for the first time earlier this year under the leadership of former coach Qondakele Sompondo.

Herbertt congratulated the winners and reminded all sports players in attendance “sport must remain a positive space, a place where dreams are believed and supported”.

“Sport is a common language where long lasting brotherhoods and sisterhoods are formed and healthy minds are built. One will learn that excellence is demanded at an individual level as well as for the benefit of the entire team. It is a good experience to have for young people who will build a future for a nation,” he concluded.

A list of all the winners for 2016 and 2017





Bradley Betts (Rowing)

Bradley Betts (Rowing)


Ettione' Ferreira (Archery)

Amy Bailey (Dancesport)

Club of the Year



Committee of the Year



Most Improved Club



Performance of the Year

Bradley Betts (4th at u/23 Worlds)

Dancesport (overall performance USSA)

Staff Coach of the Year

Sebbi Kankondi

Chris Holliday

Student Coach

Chris Rafael

Candice Rafael


Kudzanayi Nzombe


Inter Res Spirit

New House

Joe Slovo

Male Residence

Joe Slovo

Joe Slovo

Female Residence

New House

Allan Gray

Community Outreach

Karate (Alicedale Project)