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Prof Pedro Tabensky
Prof Pedro Tabensky
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The Revolutionary Impetus

Date Released: Wed, 4 October 2017 10:00 +0200

“The revolutionary impetus emerges in situations of radical injustice, where the political order advantages one group at the cost of another and where those in power are largely deaf to legitimate demands for justice from the underclass,” Pedro Tabensky, Professor of Philosophy, Rhodes University.

This will be the premise of Professor Tabensky’s Inaugural Lecture titled ‘The Revolutionary Impetus’ tonight, Wednesday,18h30 at the Eden Grove Blue. The Philosopher, activist and author calls for an assessment of the cost of this impetus and for citizens to understand its implications.

“The impetus would probably not emerge if revolutions were a purely negative matter, if all that was at stake was the overthrow of a crooked order. It emerges where there are great hopes for a better tomorrow. It is only with this prize in mind that the sacrifices that revolutions demand can be seen to be worthwhile by those choosing to make them,” he said.

Prof Tabensky is the Director of the Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a BA (Honours) in Philosophy.