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Catch-Up Relay QuizThe Catch-Up project focuses on catching up pupils' mathematical backlog. It employs a cohort of qualified mathematics teachers on an ad-hoc or part-time basis, and in so doing provides an opportunity for these teachers to engage in community service.

An important aspect of MTEP is the provision of in-school support. The purpose of the In-School Support programme is to facilitate the incorporation of pedagogy gleaned from MTEP contact sessions into each teacher's classroom practice. However, one of the themes that has emerged as being a barrier to providing effective support of this nature is that teachers feel they spend most of their time trying to catch up mathematics content that pupils are lacking. This in turn reduces the time available to focus on the implementation of teaching ideas emanating from MTEP contact sessions. The Catch-Up Project was thus launched as a means of freeing up the classroom time ordinarily spent catching up pupils' mathematical backlog.

 The Catch-Up Project was piloted in 2010 and was subsequently rolled out to all participating schools in 2011. Grade 10 pupils are provided with a 2-hour weekly tutoring session which takes place after school. The focus of these sessions lies on catching up fundamental mathematical knowledge. In addition to catching up mathematical backlog, these sessions also yield a more nuanced understanding of the nature of the mathematical backlog, which in turn is used to inform both the MTEP and In-School Support projects.

The Catch-Up Project is closely linked to the mentoring programme undertaken by the FRF Chair of Mathematics Education at Wits University, and both programmes have attracted extra funding from the RMB trust.

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