The Dragonflies & Damselflies (Odonata) of South Africa

Compiled by Tanza Crouch and Tessa Hedge

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The Families


The damselflies and dragonflies of South Africa are currently classified into two suborders, containing seven and four families respectively. A list of species has been published previously (Pinhey 1984, 1985), and the distributions and periods of adult activity are taken from that source. The nomenclature of southern African Odonata is currently under review (see below). Changes to the names (presented here) may well occur during the latter half of 2000.


Information about the Odonata and their phylogenetic position can be obtained from

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Order: ODONATA Fabricius, 1793

Suborder: ZYGOPTERA Sélys, 1853
Superfamily: Calopterygoidea Sélys, 1850
Calopterygidae Sélys, 1850
Chlorocyphidae Cowley, 1937
Superfamily: Lestoidea Calvert, 1901
Lestidae Calvert, 1901
Synlestidae (= Chlorolestidae) Tillyard, 1917
Superfamily: Coenagrionoidea Kirby, 1890
Coenagrionidae Kirby, 1890
Platycnemididae Tillyard, 1917
Protoneuridae Tillyard, 1917
Suborder: ANISOPTERA S7eacute;lys, 1853
Superfamily: Gomphoidea Rambur, 1842
Gomphidae Rambur, 1842
Superfamily: Aeshnoidea Rambur, 1842
Aeshnidae Rambur, 1842
Superfamily: Libelluloidea Rambur, 1842
Libellulidae Rambur, 1842
Corduliidae Kirby, 1890


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