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The 9th National Grahamstown Music Competition 2015

Date Released: Mon, 26 January 2015 12:00 +0200

There are three competition categories:

JUNIOR (up to and including Grade 7 school level).
The minimum standard is UNISA/ABRSM/Trinity Grade 2.
The time duration of each round is 5 to 10 minutes.

SENIOR (up to and including Grade 12 school level).
The minimum standard is UNISA/ABRSM/Trinity Grade 5.
The time duration of each round is 6 to 12 minutes.

TERTIARY (tertiary institution or in private study).
The minimum standard is UNISA/ABRSM/Trinity Grade 8.
The time duration of each round is 10 to 15 minutes.

1st round: one Baroque and one Romantic work.
2nd round: one Classical and one 20th Century work.
Semifinal: one work from a previous round and one new work that has not been performed.
Final: one work selected by the jury will be performed at the final concert.
All candidates will perform in both the first and second rounds. Six semifinalists from each category will proceed to the 3rd round. Three finalists from each round will proceed to the finals.

The competition takes place from 24 - 27 June 2015 in the Beethoven Room, Department of Music and Musicology, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

Registration and the opening concert will take place in the Beethoven Room on Wednesday 24 June 2015. Registration for the competition begins at 6.30 pm in the competition office at the Department of Music and Musicology. All participants will receive free entrance to the opening concert which begins at 7 pm.
NB: Participants must present ONE RING BOUND COPY of their music for the adjudicators at registration.

The decision of the adjudicators will be final. The adjudicators will not provide written comments to the competitors.

ACCOMPANISTS will be provided at a rate of R350 (Junior), R500 (Senior) and R750 (Tertiary). Entrants must make their own arrangements for practice times. Contact details for the accompanists will be available by 15th May. If an accompanist is required for a Senior or Tertiary entry, entrants must be available to rehearse at least 2 days before the competition begins.

Each applicant should submit the completed application form by Friday 17 April.
NB Applicants who request an accompanist MUST submit one copy of their music with their applications.
Successful applicants will be notified by Friday 24 April. The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of contestants. No reasons will be given or correspondence entered into concerning the decision.

On acceptance, entrants must pay a fee of R150 (Junior) or R200 (Senior and Tertiary) by Friday 22 May to secure their place in the competition.

First, second and third prizes will be awarded in each category as follows:
Tertiary: R3500 (1st), R2500 (2nd) and R1500 (3rd)
Secondary: R2500 (1st), R1500 (2nd) and R1000 (3rd).
Junior: R2500 (1st), R1500 (2nd) and R1000 (3rd).
Additional prizes of R1000 each from any category will be awarded to:
Best woodwind performer
Best string performer
Best performance of a South African composition
Most promising entrant from Grahamstown

- Entry form to be used by one participant only. Forms may be photocopied.
- Entrants need not have passed grade exams but must perform at the level required for their category.
- Late entries will not be considered.
- Only transcriptions by recognized composers/editions will be allowed.
- No repeats in movements will be allowed. Da capo's should be played where applicable.
- Performing with photocopies at this competition will NOT be allowed.
- No recordings (audio or video) or photography will be allowed during the competition.
- All sessions will be open to the public.
- Practice facilities will be available to the contestants throughout the competition.
- Prizes will be announced and awarded to competitors in each category at the end of the competition for their section.

Download Entry Form Here


Source:Department of Music and Musicology