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Parents Orientation

Date: 07 February 2016 15:30 - 07 February 2016 21:00
Location: (1820 Settlers Monument) and Main Campus(front steps)
Organiser: Director of Student Affairs (Phone 046 603 8181)
Event Type: Orientation

07 February 2016 09h00: Walking Tour of the Campus and the town

                              15h30: Faculty talks by Deans in various venues at Monument

Humanities                                         Prof Tom Martin - Guy Butler

Science                                                Prof Tony Booth - Olive Schreiner

Commerce                                          Prof Dave Sewry - Thomas Pringle

Pharmacy                                           Prof George Wells - Restaurant

       16h30 Law                                          Dr Rosaan Kruger - Guy Butler         

                               17h00: Vice-Chancellor & SRC President's Opening Address(1820 Settlers' Monument) 

                               18h30: Hall - based receptions (Dining Halls or Oppidan Dining Room for

                               Oppidans, Steve Biko Building)

                               20h00: SRC Acoustic Evening (Drosdty Lawns)




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