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Departmental Presentations

Date: 15 February 2017 09:00 - 15 February 2017 15:50
Location: Different Lecture venues & main library
Organiser: Director of Student Affairs (Phone 046 603 8181)
Event Type: Alumni

Library Presentations (Library, Level 1, Short Loan Reading Room) are repeated at the same times as each of the departmental presentation slots. Go to ONE Library presentation only.

Library Literacy Workshops (Library, Level 2, Xstrata Training Room): You should attend a

Library Workshop as well as a Library Presentation.  Starting Wednesday: 14h00,15h00,&16h00.


09h00 to 09h40               Introduction to Computing at Rhodes
Chemistry Minor (this presentation is REPEATED on 16th Feb and again on 27th and 28th Feb)

09h00 to 09h40               Career Development for the 21st Century (Zoo Major) (this presentation is REPEATED on 9 & 11 Feb)

09h00 to 09h40               What you need to know about learning at university (and especially about plagiarism! Barratt 1 Lecture Theatre. COMPULSORY (this lecture is repeated on 14 and 16 Feb)

Library Presentations

These are repeated at the same times as each of the lecture slots below. Go to ONE Library Presentation only.

Talks by Academic Departments

See pages 24-50  for details about departmental presentations.

09h00 to 09h40               Anthropology (General Lecture Theatre) OR Chemistry (Chemistry Major)

09h50 to 10h30               History (Barratt 2 Lecture Theatre) OR Environmental Science (Zoology Major) OR Extended Studies:  Commerce (Barratt 2 Lecture Theatre)

10h40 to 11h20               Geology (Geology Dept C11) OR Statistics for Commerce (Chemistry Major) OR Statistics for other (Arts Major) OR English (Zoology Major)

11h30 to 12h10               Computer Science (Chemistry Major) OR Art History & Visual Culture (Painting & Sculpture block – near Journalism)


13h30 to 14h10               Geography (Chemistry Major) OR Journalism and Media Studies (Barratt 1 Lecture Theatre)

14h20 to 15h00               Law (Zoology Major) OR Mathematics (Chemistry Major)

15h10 to 15h50               English Language & Linguistics (Chemistry Major) OR Zoology (Barratt 1 Lecture Theatre)



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